Key Features

  • Multi-User on-line entry, maintenance, and query
  • Cross Indexed order and inquiry and maintain by
    — Customer or Vendor Name
    — Part Number or Description
    — Item Serial Number
    — Order Date
    — Job Name or Mark Designation
  • Forms Generation
    — Picking Ticket
    — Packing Slip
    — Quote
    — Invoice
    — Payment Receipt
  • Multi-level pricing hierarchy and discounting schemes
  • Independent inventory pricing and pricing units
  • On-line display of
    — Alternate Items
    — Associated Items
    — Obsolete Item
    — Replaced by Items
  • Multiple selling units and component items supported for products
  • Over the counter, Point of Sale (POS), Retail cash sales and pre-paid order handling
  • Four Sales Order Entry Modes
    — Regular Sales Order Entry and Maintenance
    — Post Billing
    — Point of Sale/Retail
    — Quick T.I.M.E. Order Entry
  • On-line customer credit checking and order hold processing with flexible parameters
  • Automatic e-mail notification of credit manager at release of credit hold order
  • Will call order ready notification logging and reporting
  • Information available on screen during order entry and quotation entry:
    — Associated items
    — Alternate items
    — Obsolete items
  • Kits / build from stock items and bill of materials supported
  • On screen display of cost can be masked or omitted by user or by terminal
  • Automatic back-order creation and tracking on entry of partial shipment
  • Quotations
    — Customer to customer quotation copy
    — Quotation pricing update routines
    — Convert quote to order, order to quote, invoice to quote with minimum keystrokes
  • User definable quote purging and expiration reminder reports
    — Quotation analysis reports comparing quote to current price
    — Convert quote to contract with expiration dates
  • Can assign two (2) salespeople per customer, each with their own commission structure
  • Salesperson commission tables can be constructed:
    — by Vendor
    — by Group
    — by Order Type
    — by Category
    — by SKU#
    — by All items
  • Two commission levels within each of the above categories can be assigned
  • Vendor and customer contracts and rebates


  • Open Sales Order and Quote Reporting
  • Price Matrix Access Reports
  • Price Lists
  • Vendor Contract Access Reports
  • Advertised Prices Access Reports
  • UPC Inventory Update Edit Report