The manufacturing and processed parts module is tightly integrated with inventory control, order entry, and the rest of the FORESITE system. Manufacturing can be used for assembly, repair and/or light non-MRP2 type manufacturing. The user can create an unlimited number of templates that are placed in the product file. At work order entry for assemblies, an appropriate template is selected and changes are made. A work order is produced and tied directly to the original sales order.

Manufacturing Key Features

  • On screen, on demand entry and tracking of work orders
  • Bill of Material entry and tracking supported
  • Work order labor tracking integrated to time card entries
  • On screen, on demand display of summary and detail component and finished product histories, and costing.
  • Partial work order and back order tracking
  • User definable production options and accessories specification log supported
  • Work-in-progress status reporting on screen or hard copy
  • Multi-step process part tracking supported

Manufacturing Reports

  • Manufactured Product Price/Cost Report
  • Work Order Production Checklist
  • Category/WIP Value Report
  • Component Usage Report
  • Price/cost component evaluation report
  • Indented Bill of Materials

Processed Parts Key Features

  • Processed Parts is used for sending inventory out for re-work such as machining and/or plating.
  • Process can be as simple as a single operation (plating) or a complex multiple process (machining followed by plating etc.)
  • Inventory Master has a sub screen to build the process.
  • Original inventory SKU# is automatically adjusted when parts are sent out and new SKU# is automatically adjusted when new processed part returns from rework.
  • System produces proper transmittal documents.