“Executives recognize that before they get to the twenty-first century, they must leave past practices behind. They recognize that there is a tollbooth at the entrance to the new millennium. Not all firms will be able to pay the toll, because it requires a new type of currency — e-business leadership.”

e-Business Roadmap for Success
by Dr. Ravi Kalakota

Foresite is now e-business ready. Our users now have the opportunity to pay the toll into the twenty-first century.

Key Features

  • The Foresite Extranet is a customer service web portal, enabling customers to log in, place orders and quotes, check the status of their orders, view open AR invoices and invoice history, view summary and detailed purchase history, and view payment history.
  • The Extranet can by used by invitation only (for current customers) or open to the web.
  • A web order approval enables one use to place an order pending approval, and administrative users to approve or deny the order.
  • The authorized approver can edit the order and add remarks before approving the order.
  • The ability to display product and pricing can be restricted before logging in.
  • Web profiles can be created for retail customers, regular customers, sales reps, and in-house users.
  • Sales reps when logged in can search for and “become” their customer with the ability to enter order and view all of that customer’s information.