Yes. Foresite software maintenance charges are based on the number of on-line users.

The cost of the system is based on the number of concurrent users and features selected. Zumasys will provide quotes detailing all of those costs and options.

Foresite support includes training, email and telephone support, and software updates. Non-Foresite support and custom enhancement may not be covered in certain circumstances.

Foresite is subscription based. In order to use Foresite you must have maintenance.

Our SaaS (Software as a Service) model makes Foresite affordable for companies of all sizes and sales volumes.


Demonstrations are one of the most important methods used for discovering whether or not Foresite “fits” a company. At Zumasys we consider demonstrations to be 80% discovery and 20% sales.

You, as a Foresite prospect, are trying to discover:

  • If Foresite “fits” into the business environment of your company?
  • Is Zumasys the right company with which to have a long term support relationship?

We, at Zumasys, are trying to discover:

  • How you conduct business
  • How you interact with your customers and vendors
  • How you presently handle inventory and accounting functions

If Foresite fits into your company so that we can support you over the life of the system? If there isn’t a good fit, then we will not sell Foresite to you. We walk away from about 20% of the companies to which we demonstrate. We do not want to try to support an installation that is unsupportable.

Typically there is more than one demonstration. Foresite is a very comprehensive system and it is impossible to view it all in one sitting.

A demonstration lasts anywhere from 2.5 to 8 hours depending on your interest and staying power.

Management personnel who are responsible for accounting, customer service and sales, purchasing and inventory, and accounting should attend.

It is important that the owner of the company also attend the demo. She or he would like to know what they are paying for.


98% of support is done over the phone or Internet. If that is not sufficient, a support person will come to your location.

Support hours are between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM Mon. through Friday. Response time averages less then 30 minutes. We guarantee response to be no longer then 4 hours.

Periodic updates are installed on your server during off hours. A programmer’s log is sent describing the enhancements and modifications contained in the update. Most new features and enhancements can be controlled by software switches since not every company has the same needs.

Updates are released every 2-4 months depending on how the number of enhancements and modifications there are.

Why Foresite?

Only you can be the judge of that. Once we have demonstrated the system to you, you will know.

Absolutely!! Some of our installations do as much as 90% of their sales in over-the-counter or retail sales.

There are three reasons:

1. To increase your profitability.

2. To “level the playing field.” Most all your vendors, competitors and customers already have a system.

3. To add value to your company. The quality of your information about customers, vendors and inventory is a valuable asset. If you decide to sell your company, this high quality information will be a valuable negotiating asset.